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  • best selling shopping club in Germany
  • 10 Euro for new customers by brands4friends
  • every day new products of famous fashion- and lifestyle brands
  • brands4friends has 8 million registered members

Brands4Friends is Germany’s no.1 private shopping community. People who belong to this member’s only shopping club can enjoy savings of up to 70% off of the world’s leading consumer brands.

Massive Range Of Consumer Products

Brands4Friends has a huge range of popular consumer products available exclusively to its members. Inside of this private shopping site you will find designer fashion clothes, luxury watches, exquisite lingerie, high tech electronic devices, toys for children and home decor.

No Hidden Costs And No Obligation To Buy

If you decide you want to become a member of this private shopping site you will find that there are absolutely no costs to join. Once you are a member of the private shopping community you will be under no obligation to take advantage of the many bargains that are available. That said, you may find it difficult to resist when you see your favorite brands at such heavy discounts.

Daily Sales At Consistent Times

Brands4Friends runs sales each day of the week. These always start at the same time so that you know you won’t miss out. During the week sales start at 7am in the morning, so you want to be sure to get in early in order to not miss out. On the weekend sales begin at 9am, giving you a little more time to sleep in before taking up some of the great bargains on offer. There are also sales several times during the week at 7pm which you won’t want to miss out on.

Flash Sales Create A Thrilling Shopping Experience

Flash Sales for the top brand items typically run for between three and four days. For highly popular items they often sell out due to demand. If you want to take advantage of the discounts on some of the more popular brand goods it is important to check in regularly as new flash sales are constantly being announced.

New Members Are Eligible For A 10 Euro Discount Voucher

New members to Brands4Friends will be provided with a 10 Euro discount voucher when they register their account. This special deal is only available to brand new members to the private shopping community. You can redeem this voucher immediately as soon as you make your first purchase. This makes shopping with Brands4Friends even more affordable.

Daily Newsletter That Keeps You Informed

When you become a member of this private shopping community you will be given the option to sign up for the Brands4Friends daily newsletter. This daily newsletter will keep you up to date about flash sales that are occurring and the products that are being offered. You will also gain access to exclusive previews of products that will be listed on the private shopping site. When you sign up to the daily newsletter you never have to worry about missing out on the best bargains on offer again.

Register Now For Brands4Friends

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Invitation: Register for free and use the 10 Euro brands4friends coupon. Just new members get teh brands4friends coupon to their account. It is valid for 30 days.

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