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Zulily is the private shopping site for moms, babies and kids. Members of this exclusive private shopping community can enjoy discounts of up to 90% off of brand name products. Zulily has been featured in a number of top publications including the New York Times, USA Today and People Magazine. Below you will find the key benefits of becoming a member of this private shopping site.

private shopping club zulily.co.uk

Wide Range Of Brands

Zulily feature a fantastic range of brands for moms and kids. Examples of the type of items sold on the site include Maxi Cosi, Wall Candy Arts, Baby Nay, and Primigi Shoes. All of the items that are sold through the site are heavily discounted from their normal retail recommended price.

Refer A Friend And Earn Discounts

One of the best parts of belonging to Zulily is the ability to earn discount vouchers simply by referring a friend to the site. When you refer a friend and they make a purchase your account will be credit with either a 10 pound or 15 euro discount voucher. You can use this voucher against the next purchase that you make through the private shopping site. Invite friends and receive £10. You can earn as many discount vouchers as you like.

Keep Up To Date With Daily Sales

Zulily makes it very easy to keep up to date with the sales that are occurring on the members only shopping site. When you join this shopping club you will be given the option to receive the Zulily email newsletter. By joining you will receive updates on sales directly to your inbox so that you don’t ever have to worry about missing out on another sale.

New Items Every Day

Every day Zulily feature brand new items for sale on the site. That means that there is always some fresh and exciting to check out. To participate in the daily sales you simply need to click through on the links provided in the email newsletter. Daily sales start at 6am every morning, they typically last up to 72 hours but are occasionally extended beyond this.

Favorite Must Have Items

You can choose to favorite any brand that you love. By clicking on the heart icons next to the brand you will receive advance warning if there is a sale occurring for those items. You can also find out in advance about sales in the upcoming sales section of the private shopping site.

Wide Range Of Payment Methods Accepted

Buying items through Zulily is also very easy thanks to the wide range of payment methods the private shopping community accepts. You can purchase items using either your Mastercard or Visa credit card. You can also purchase using Paypal. Finally you can also buy items using Zulily UK gift cards or Zulily UK store credit.

Join zulily.co.uk Now

Click here to join Zulily and receive discounts of up to 90% off mom and kids designer products!

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    • ✉ Anita Stray

    Hi, We are a Swedish brand and we have had great success with Limango and Windelbar in Germany (we are running a campaign at Windelbar right now) . We like to be a partner to a member shop for kids in UK, are you interested. Send a mail to me, Anita, and we can talk. We are attending at the Ispo fair in Munich 24 – 27 January 2016. BR Anita, CEO Wilma & Morris

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