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  • more than 36 million registered community members
  • you can find strong reduced stock in fashion, househould, accessoiries
  • Irresistible prices offering up to 70% off
  • Flash sales last 4 days on average
  • Europe‘s market leader is one of Europe’s leading private shopping communities. With daily flash sales on some of the most desirable European and American brand name goods. Members of this private shopping site are given access to fantastic and exclusive bargain with prices reduced by as much as 70%. Below you can find out more about this private shopping community and how you can join

Incredible Range Of Products

Members of this private shopping club are given access to an incredibly wide range of products. Included among the selection in this private shopping community are watches, designer clothes, household items, toys, sportswear and high tech items. In total there are more than two thousand brands that are listed inside of this private shopping site. No matter what type of consumer goods you are looking to purchase you should be able to find them inside VeePee.

Huge Discounts On All Items

All of the items inside of this private shopping community are heavily discounted. Items are available with discounts of up to 70% off of the normal retail price. These discounts are only available when you join this private shopping site.

Exciting Flash Sales

VeePee is constantly running exciting flash sales that only last three to five days at a time. During these flash sales you can enjoy incredible bargains of some of the world’s most famous brands. Flash sales add a touch of excitement as you snatch up these limited time only bargains.

Free To Join

Joining this private shopping community is absolutely free and you are under no obligation to buy. However, once you see the bargains that are available through this private shopping community you may find it very difficult to resist.

Free Shipping

When you use American Express and spend more than one hundred dollars you are entitled to free shipping on your order.

New Items Constantly Being Debuted

Every day at 10 am ET new limited time sales events occur. During these events top American and European fashion items, jewellery, accessories, household items, and high tech products go on sale.

Each Brand Has Its Own Private Boutique

Each brand inside of this private shopping community has its own private boutique. This makes it easy for members to find and connect with their favorite brands. Inside of each boutique is customized shopping experience for that particular brand. Customers can also view high quality video and photos of the products on sale so that can get a complete understanding of what they will be purchasing.

Join or Today

If you want to start enjoying discounts of up to 70% off of a huge range of products then you should join VeePee today. In order to participate in the flash sales at VeePee you must be a member of the private shopping club, but remember it is absolutely free to join.

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